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About Us

“To improve Technology, to improve Quality, to strengthen Service, and to satisfy Customers” are our consistent quality promises. In order to keep our promises,we have a strong focus on the promotion of automation and computerization covering sales, design, operations, production management and even quality control, to ensure quality or our products and services. All our employees pursue the organization’s Goal – “To work hard, to ameliorate, and to grow perpetually.”

As the domestic market was getting saturated gradually, we started exploring overseas market since July, 1996. The achievement has been remarkable. Our market is not only in Asia but also North America Europe, Middle East and Africa.

In March, 1997, Yuken Hydraulics (T.W.)Co., Ltd, was awarded ISO-9002 certificate, especially appreciating your encouragement and support.

In May, 1998, we open our new factory. The new factory is equipped with the latest Japanese machine tools, doubling the capacity of our production for the major products. With the cooperation of Yuken Kogyo Co., Ltd., it is our intention to promote and expand our market throughout the World and establish a reputation for Quality and Reliability.

In March, 2002 Yuken Hydraulics (T.W) Co.,Ltd, was awarded ISO-9001 and CSA certificate.

In October, 2002 Organization simplified, management institutionalized.

In June, 2003, Production line readjusted, equipment reinforced, production rationalized striding into a new milestone.

In April, 2005, Proportional Valve was awarded CE certificate.

In November, 2008, Solenoid Valves with monitoring switches were patented in Taiwan.

In March, 2009, Solenoid Valves with monitoring switches were patented in China.

In June, 2010, Solenoid Valves with monitoring switches were awarded CE certificate.

In Dec, 2011, The 2nd manufacture’s expansion is finished.

Yuken Hydraulics (T.W.) Co., Ltd, has been leading the industry here in Taiwan.We will increase technical cooperation with our parent company, Yuken Kogyo Co., Ltd, in the future. We will build an efficient and comprehensive sales network both in domestic and overseas market, Concurrently, we will train our talented people extensively to upgrade quality continuously. All our efforts are to achieve our goal – to grow perpetually!

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